About us

Gerard Schalkwijk from Lopik has in recent years been one of the top fanciers in the Central Netherlands and now the whole of the Netherlands. He is a descendant of a large pigeon family. The name Schalkwijk has been at the head of the results for decades. His mentor was his father Ries, who unfortunately passed away years ago. He made Gerard the pigeon fancier he is today. While father Ries made a mark on the program races, Gerard concentrated on the marathon races. For this he has now built up a beautiful family of pigeons.

The current strain is a mix of Cor de Heijde via the Belgian topper Frans Bungeneers, Jelle Jellema and Aarden via Fam.van Houten. There are still some toppers from other fanciers among them. The first mentioned pigeons are used the most. Gerard is for the most part a smaller fancier. The pigeon sport must remain manageable and a nice hobby. So you won’t find lofts full of pigeons by Gerard. Quality counts!!!